A Letter from your EAP Coordinator

Hello Employees,

I am hoping that you are doing your best to take care of yourself and each other in this time of uncertainty. I will be working remotely and my main focus during this time is to support you, the employees at CSU.

In addition to the normal services offered by the Employee Assistance Coordinator the following services will be offered:

  • Support check-ins by telephone appointment to help with people directly affected by Covid-19. This includes:
    • Death of family or friend due to Covid-19
    • Increased mental health symptoms due to uncertainty about pandemic
    • Increased violence in the home or substance related issues
    • Family members who work as essential workers
  • Bridge support counselor for people unable to get linked with a therapist within 2 weeks’ time
  • Collaboration with Community Resources Coordinator to get linked with necessary resources

Please utilize the resources below as you need them. If you would like to set up an appointment with me, please email me at: jan.pierce@colostate.edu or leave a message at 970-491-3437.

Take good care,

Jan Pierce
EAP Coordinator

Mental Health Resources

Compsych– call 24/7  (800)-497-9133 If you cannot get an appointment with a counselor within 2 weeks, please call or email Jan Pierce, MS, LPC

Summit Stone Crisis Services

Health District/Connections On-Call Information
Employee Assistance Website
On-Line Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
Domestic Violence Hotline
Additional Domestic Violence Support
CDC/Managing Stress and Anxiety/Coronavirus
WHO Mental Health Considerations

Financial Support and Giving Back

During this time, some of us might find that we are in need for financial support and some of us might have the ability to offer financial support. Wherever you land on this spectrum, we want all CSU Rams to know that we can help each other out. Here are some ways to both give and receive financial support and know that it is going to or coming from a fellow Ram.

ComPsych and State of Colorado EAP Resources

So many options to choose from!

State of Colorado EAP Webinars (CSEAP)

ComPsych Resources: Multi Language

Additional Resources

CARE Program